Falling for the perfect gift



Recently, I have been looking for something cool to give to my sister who is running the half marathon in Ottawa on May 29th.  Completing your first marathon is such a big accomplishment, and I was hoping to find a gift that I could feel comfortable giving to her- something special that wouldn't upset her sensitive skin or irritate her allergies.

I quite literally tripped over the perfect gift idea a few days ago while shopping at the Herb & Spice Wellness Shop.  I was walking towards the store's supplement section in a bit of a hurry when I didn’t see a box full of pretty bath salts on the floor... and of course, I elegantly tripped over it! 
Well, perhaps not so elegantly, actually: I ended up with my startled face in a box full of bath salts.

Isn't it funny how Fate can be so good to us in such unusual ways?!

I knew that I had finally found the perfect gift. Not only would the bath salts help calm her muscles after the long run, but the soft scents of lavender and rosemary would make for a relaxing home-spa experience. So no need to spend a fortune; it’s all right here in this bag of natural Dead Sea bath salts from Urban Forest.

After purchasing the bath salts, I went online to check out the company's website. Urban Forest a cool, Ottawa-based small business. Everything is handmade by local soap maker Trina McKean-Huynh, who is based out of Rockland, Ontario. Using no synthetic fragrances, perfumes, colorants, or preservatives, Trina is dedicated to making high-quality, small-batch soaps and body products out of all natural ingredients. Now that's something that I (and my sister) like!!!

The Wellness Shop carries the bath salts in a variety of fragrances: Spearmint, Lavender, Lavender Rosemary, Tea Tree Eucalyptus, Oatmeal Orange, and Ginger Lime. If you're lucky you may even be able to get your hands on a matching bar of soap. Sounds delicious to me!

I’m going to get one or two bags for sis as well as a couple to try out on myself…. No need to run up a sweat in order to enjoy these treats.

To top it all off, each bag of Urban Forest Dead Sea Bath Salts are on special this month at the Wellness Shop for $10.69 plus tax. 



The Wellness Shop

Opening its doors in September, 2013, the Wellness Shop was born out of customer demand for an increased selection of all-natural health and beauty products.

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As of December 2015, we are also proud to offer a selection of our Wellness Shop products online, at shop.herbandspiceshop.com.

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