Choosing sunscreen and sacking my accountant




Oh my my… what a day!


I went looking for sunscreen for my daughter and her little one the other day, and of course there are tons of different products. You can find rows of different quality products; from the El Cheepo brands made with synthetic junk, to the purest-of-the-pure naturally formulated products that can cost up to 3x or 4x  more money….at that’s when they're on sale!


These types of shopping trips always seem to come down to a price vs. health dilemma. Of course, my choice has already made: I’ll always choose health, even if my accountant thinks I’m crazy and that I can’t read numbers.


Well, I chose to read different numbers that he does. My accountant just looks at the price tag... I think there’s more to it than that.


Like most people now, I choose to look a product’s ingredients and do a little research on what I see. Usually, I search the names of the ingredients that I can’t read or understand and that do not look like “normal” English. Then I read about statistics on the synthetic stuff that’s been included in the product.  The numbers are always enough to convince me that all natural is best. Actually it’s not “best”, it’s the only choice I’ll ever make now.


There are lots of very nice natural products in the Wellness Shop, but I chose the Green Beaver Natural Mineral Sunscreen. You have a choice between the spray with SPF 27 and the lotion with SPF 40.


The reason I chose Green Beaver is quite simple:  I looove the fact that they are a local, family owned business; I love their story and the reason they started their business; I love the ingredients they choose. Everything in the Green Beaver sunscreen is completely natural, made with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as the active ingredients, and infused with raspberry extract to ensure ultimate moisturization. All their products are 100 % natural, gluten-free, non-nano, biodegradable, and reef friendly.


They are real people, a business with heart that cares about what they make, about their customers and the environment.


If that’s not a good enough reason, mister accountant, well YOU’RE FIRED!!!



Oh, by the way: the ingredients in the sunscreen for kids and for adults are exactly the same! They just made a cute design on the box for the kids, but inside the box it's all the same, natural ingredients.


You can find  the following on their website:

The only safe synthetic chemical is the one you don’t come into contact with.”


I can relate to that!  Hey, I want the best for my kids and for myself!!


Here is a list of the products you don’t want to use ever again in any of your health care products:


There is a very nice array of natural sunscreen in the Wellness Shop- whether you’re looking for something for your face, to wear in the pool, or to protect your baby- it’s time to get what’s best for you and for your family!




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