Hydration and electrolytes, ultimate secret for performance!


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Hydration, ultimate secret for performance!

Hydrate and replenish lost electrolytes

VEGA Hydrator is formulated with all the essential electrolytes your body needs to stay hydrated during workouts. Made without sugar or artificial sweeteners, this product contains zero calories per serving. It's a vegan product that contains no GMO's. VEGA Hydrator is delicious and you can sip it all day long and of course especially during workouts. This product has been formulated by the Ironman specialist Brendan Brazier.

The importance of hydration and electrolytes during sports

Staying hydrated all day long is necessary to be healthy, to have energy and stamina. When you are well hydrated, your blood becomes thinner and it can circulate more fluidly in your system. It also means that your heart needs to work less to pump more blood. So you can speed up at no extra energy cost. Better circulation also means that oxygen is delivered more efficiently in your arms, in your legs and in your muscles. Better circulation also means that more toxins will be freed from the muscles and that means of course, still more energy. Hydration helps increase your performance as your energy outflow decreases. Being efficiently hydrated means that you stay cooler and that helps your heart rate come down further. Staying hydrated means that you need more than just water. When you sweat, you sweat all sorts of minerals and electrolytes that you need to put back into your system. Lack of electrolytes leads to poor muscle performance or even to painful cramps. Our cells need positively and negatively charged ions. This is what VEGA Hydrator has for you!

Unfortunately, it is very common now for people to lack minerals in their diets. The type of intensive agriculture that is practiced at large depletes the soil of its minerals and people end up mineral depleted. So to compensate for that, adding VEGA Hydrator in your diet makes lots of sens even if you're not an athlete. Sipping it throughout the day will compensate the lack of minerals in your foods. And on top of that, if you are an athlete, it will help you be that more efficient! It's very important for anyone to stay well hydrated because being dehydrated is dangerous for your health. When you feel thirsty, you know you are already dehydrated. VEGA Hydrator will not play with your insuline levels since it does not contain any sugar. So, when you're in a full workout and you want a little boost to maximise your performance, or if you only want to stay healthy and energized all day, don't hesitate and hydrate with VEGA Hydrator.

Easy to use!

Get in the healthy habit of drinking water during the day and adding some VEGA Hydrator. Prepare your water bottles by adding VEGA Hydrator or carry the individual pouches that you can add anytime you want to your water bottle. Each delicious sip is filled with electrolytes and antioxidants that will protect you from free radical damage to your cells. It's really that simple to use!

Get some now!

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