A healthy powder for an easy flow during workout


VEGA Sugar-Free Energizer single packs with 20% off when you buy online

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For a steady flow during your workout, get your energy and concentration from this powder. It's good stuff!

The pre-workout formula

VEGA formulated for you a special pre-workout sugar-free powder to increase your performance during your low intensity workouts. This plant-based formula will help provide immediate energy to sustain effort, increase endurance, enhance your aerobic and anaerobic capacities and improve recovery.

Easy to use

Even during a low intensity or shorter workout, it's nice to be in the zone. VEGA Sugar-Free Energizer contains only 5 alories per serving and it is the perfect choice for those of us who want to give themselves the best chances for achieving and effective workout without those extra carbs. It's simple and easy. Just add 1 portion of the powder in some water and drink 20 minutes before you exercise. Staying focused while being energized, that is what VEGA Sugar-free pre-workout Energizer is all about! (It's deliciously sweetened with healthy stevia).

Synergetic action of quality plants

The secret here lies in the ssynergistic actions of ten plants that will increase the effectiveness of all your efforts. The caffeine of green tea improves mental concentration without the jitters. It contains antioxidants that help boost energy but in a calm way. Yerba Maté on the other hand is more of a physical booster plant. Together they work synergistically to really improve your energy as well as your concentration.

Endurance is improved by the synergistic action of electrolytes and rhodiola. Electrolytes improve muscle efficiency and rhodiola improves endurance. Together they give the stamina necessary for you to push a little more and become stronger.

The anti-inflammatory effect of this formula is imparted by both turmeric and devil's claw. Devil's claw helps to relieve pain and turmeric helps to reduce inflammation and that is good because if you're not inflamed, you will be able to move more efficiently and you'll recover more quickly. Ginseng and rhodiola also help reduce stress and fatigue. It's a precious aid in your body's effor to recuperate.


Take VEGA Sport Sugar-Free Energizer 20 minutes before short runs, yoga, cross fit (less than 35 mins workout), gym workouts and other low intensity or short duration exercise lasting less than an hour to help you get in the zone.

Get some now!

Get in the good habit of keeping some of these individual pouches in your gym bag or in your bike's saddlebag so you can have some before every workout. Don't wait any longer!:(www.shop.herbanspiceshop.com)


Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are taking any medication or have a medical or serious undelying condition. do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. For adults only. the recommended amount is not more than 2 doses a day.




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