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(Product No. F_HEBE)

Hawthorn Combo / Cardiovascular Health

Used in Herbal Medicine to help maintain and support cardiovascular health. Cayenne and prickly ash are traditionally used in Herbal Medicine to help support peripheral circulation.

NPN 80036782

HeartBeat® - Keeping Yourself in Tune with Our Top Cardiovascular Tonic


Comprised of nine expertly chosen healing plants, featuring hawthorn and garlic, this formula has been a mainstay of our repertoire of herbal combinations for over 20 years.

The hawthorn in this formula reduces what’s called peripheral vascular resistance. In this way it helps the blood flow to the heart more freely, keeping it supplied with oxygen and beating regularly.

Meanwhile, garlic is a highly significant culinary and medicinal herb, its many antioxidant benefits verified by thousands of years of use. Scientific research indicates that garlic has remarkable cardiovascular action. Among other things, it has been shown in fact to reduce bad cholesterol.

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About St. Francis Herbs

St. Francis Herb Farm is located in Combermere, Ontario. St. Francis grows many of its herbs on-site, and produces organic and wild-crafted herbal tinctures, salves, oils, and pills. 

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Opening its doors in September, 2013, the Wellness Shop was born out of customer demand for an increased selection of all-natural health and beauty products.

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The Herb & Spice Shop is an independent, locally owned health & natural food store which has been serving Ottawa's Centretown neighbourhood and beyond for over 30 years.

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The Wellness Shop has the best selection of essential oils and flower remedies that I've found yet :)


Most convenient place for finding things you can't buy at loblaws (like food that won't kill you, e.g.).


Decades ago a Polish neighbor of mine introduced me to your bulk natural foods. I have been a client of yours since then. Thank you for keeping it up!


Love your selection of organic produce!

Thanks for working with local suppliers and producers!

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