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Chick lit and Chicza


Ok, I have to admit that I've indulged in some chick lit on rare occasions of course...But I am on a redeption path and offering you a little bit of reading from my new evolved chick lit.

Here is the story of Chicza

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Salade kale Chakra


Voici une recette pour vous préparer une salade-repas extraordinaire, jolie, pleine de saveurs, pleine d'éléments nutritifs et pleine de vitalité! C'est la variété de kale disponible dans le frigo des aliments au Herb and Spice qui m'a inspiré à partager cette recette.

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Simple Carob Coconut Treat


A simple summer recipe for healthy sweet loving people


Really delicious, sweet and surprisingly not too coconutty...


This is our family go to sweet when we don't want to over indulge in sweets and deserts, or just to curb a sugar craving. I swear that it works! I've tested it many times.. Preparation time is 10 minutes max...

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Fresh and Cool Summer soup recipe


Cool Herb & Spice Recipe for a Quick Cool Summer Soup!

Fresh Fresh Fresh

It's so warm outside, that often we want to eat something that is nice and cool and we don't want to spend to much time making it!

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We are honoured to cater to customers with dietary needs, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, raw, organic, and candida concerns.

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The Wellness Shop has the best selection of essential oils and flower remedies that I've found yet :)


Most convenient place for finding things you can't buy at loblaws (like food that won't kill you, e.g.).


Decades ago a Polish neighbor of mine introduced me to your bulk natural foods. I have been a client of yours since then. Thank you for keeping it up!


Love your selection of organic produce!

Thanks for working with local suppliers and producers!

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