Frozen soups may not seem that exciting, but don't judge a book by its cover...



OMG! All About the Soup! 

You know, you really do have to keep your eyes peeled for these in the freezer section.  At first glance All About the Soup's lineup of ready-to-eat meals may not seem that special, but take a second look: it's what's on the inside that counts! 

We all like to have something on hand for when there is no time to make dinner. Unfortunately, most often these go-to meals are not only tasteless, but also full of unhealthy ingredients and preservatives. That's where All About the Soup comes in.

Another amazing, local business, All About the Soup is family owned and operated out of Carleton Place, Ontario. Dedicated to making only preservative-free, vegetarian products, these frozen soups are both dairy and wheat free, low in sodium and made only from fresh ingredients. Can you get any cooler than that?! 

I have to admit: this is one brand that I just cannot wait to try. I'll give you three guesses as to what I'm eating for dinner tonight! Choosing one soup to try first wasn't easy, especially when they all have such wickedly delicious sounding names: African Peanut soup, Vadouvan Potato and Parsnip, and Turkish Lentil with Sumac and Mint (only to name a few). These folks obviously love using delicious spices to enhance already tasty vegetable flavours. 

When asked to spell out their underlying concept, All About the Soup’s Andy, Charline, and son Jaden describe their family business as, "a celebration of fresh vegetables, exotic spice combinations and an awakening of the senses.” 
I think I’m in looooove!!! 

Looking at the ingredients I have to say, if these soups really are as good as they sound, I think I just found some new friends for my freezer. I hate getting home late at night and having no veggies to eat and nothing ready to put into the oven. All About the Soup's line up of take-home soups will be a very nice (and delicious!) addition to my too-tired-to-cook dinner arsenal. 

Maybe I'll work late more often now that I know I've got some yummy dinners waiting for me at home in the freezer...!



Quote taken from - check it out, you won’t be dissapointed!

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